Saturday, June 14, 2014

Salute the Daddies

Father's Day is just around the corner. I just think of 2 important men in my life. My Dad and my Hubby.

My Dad worked as a fitter. He worked on ships installing machineries and engines on ships. I presume in those days, it was good money because he used to be a carpenter. He used to work through nights and days and have a few days break after a project. It was not easy money though, but to send the 3 of us to school, I guess he had decided to go through these hardship.

He was the sole bread winner. I do not know how but he managed to pay off the housing loans and also to save enough for us to go through tertiary studies. However, he did not managed to see me graduate. He passed away a year before I graduated. That was one of the saddest thing that had happened in our life. Our world seemed to have crashed down on us. We were told that we have to be strong but yes, we did. But it took us quite some time. Tears will still flow down my cheeks as I am typing this post. Dad, I really miss you!

My Hubby is now the sole bread winner of my family. I am glad that I have him for my husband as he has been supportive of decisions I have made. Just last year, I quit my job to look after Little One and he was fine with it.

He adored Little One very much. He is always so patient with her with I sometimes find it hard to do. I am happy to have someone to share the burden with me. Sometimes, when we have difficulties dealing with Little One's attitude or behaviour, we would sit down and talk about it.

I feel that I am one of the luckiest woman in the world because my hubby doesn't mind doing chores and he loves to cook. Many of my friends actually do envy that.

Little One had made a butterfly shaped booklet to her father this father's day. It is kind of impromptu decision. It was a library programme that she attended a storytelling session and then was asked to made a card to someone she loves. She decided that it was to be given to her Daddy.

 It is not easy to be a sole breadwinner in the family. I am fortunate to have these 2 men in my life. I really appreciate it.

To all the fathers, I hereby wish you all a Happy Father's Day!

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