Thursday, July 24, 2014

Little development (Apr to Jun 14)

1.  Imagination grows wild!
Little One imagination has grown wilder than before, nowadays, she keeps "pestering me" to participate in her "Flower Fairy Show", which is sometimes quite tiring. At other times, she keeps insisting there is a baby in my tummy. I am pretty sure there is none though.

2. Learning to accept wider range of food choice.
She is accepting and requesting for food which she used to dislike. Eg Apples.

3. Learning to spell
Currently, I am only making her spell 2 letter words. The longest word that she knows to spell is "SINGAPORE". That was quite an impromptu decision to do so.

4. Cooking
Unfortunately, we have yet much development besides the usual washing and mixing of ingredients. We only did some pancakes together. However, it is noted her cutting skills is starting to improve with quite cutting up of roti prata and pancakes.
5. Drawn to nature
Due to the pretty bloom in late March and early April, I managed to get her to be slightly more interested in nature. Hopefully, in the process she gets to be more observant about things going on around her.

6. Exposure to Chinese Ink, Batik Painting and creating a Clay Bust
These are some crafts which she learnt in the library.

7. Gearing up on her addition and subtraction skills.
She is adding and subtracting within 10 without much problem.

8. Exploring the soil, sand and sea
I love the idea of exposing Little One to nature. These are some of the things I had exposed her during the June holiday. We went Balik Kampong where she learnt to grow plants with me. Also, by bringing her to Palawan beach, she learnt to enjoy the waves and playing with sand and shells.

9. Had her 'first' official dental visit

10. Growth rate
Her growth rate seemed to have slowed down. I am not sure whether it is due to the fact that I had changed her to drinking fresh milk rather than formula milk. I shall be reverting back to formula next quarter and see how it goes. Despite the fact, her growth rate had slowed down, she is now tall enough to post letter at the pillar box located just outside The Philatelic Museum

11. Went exploration in various new places
We went to Singapore Discovery Centre, Kent Ridge Park, Pasir Ris Park and Westgate Wonderland.

12. Progressing to less bed wetting
It is now reduce to about 2-3 times per month.

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