Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Urban Art - Graffiti #2

Urban art is the scribbling, sketching and painting of artistic works in the public eye.
The ones on Haji Lane which I posted earlier seemed to be that of Urban Street Art because the whole theme on each wall is coherent.

The Substation
Below are a series of pictures taken at the alley of Substation except the last 2. I just happened to notice one day when I passed by to visit the Peranakan Musuem. These are not consistent and various tags (signatures) could be seen.
A masked man and a Throw-ups (bolder versions of a tag) at the bottom 

I admit I am not a good artist. I love how realistic the lion looks!
Graffiti on windows as well.

This has to be my favourite at the Substation. 
Wall next to carpark of Armenian Street (from Peranakan Museum to Philatelic Museum)
Speayed painted  BBB: famous for its heritage, arts and cultural , as well as museum belt. I love the little mosaic tiles. Is this any building in particular? Looks kind of familiar but I can't recall which is it.

Oh no, Little one is not making a graffiti. She is curious about the mosaic tiles. What interest me is the 2 puppets reminds me of those that were used in Wayang Kulit. And One (Little One blocked part of him) is painting the wall, the Other is  making a graffiti with a spray can?
I have been walking these stretch of roads a couple of time when we were visiting the museums. I usually do not pay a note to these graffiti. But these days, I try to keep my eyes open to look at them.

PS: Graffiti is considered a vandalism act if it is done without permission.

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  1. That lion is stunning!

    1. Absolutely! If you are coming down to Singapore, be sure to visit the museum belt. They are all located within walking distance from each other. Particularly, Singapore Arts Museum, The National Museum of Singapore, Peranankan Museum and Philatelic Museum. The only Musuem in BBB I had not listed is the Asian Civilisation Museum which is I think you will need to travel down by public transport.


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