Friday, July 18, 2014

Flash Back Friday- Part of Growing Up

Little One,

You are growing fast! Mommy is reviewing the photos which was taken by my handphone 2 years ago. I had taken thousands photos of you and hadn't had the time to sort through so as to save the best photos. It is so difficult to do so because you look adorable in each and everyone of them.

At one point of time, you loved to pout so much. Almost every photo I took, you were pouting like old grandma.

Then, there are also times you were too tiny to play in the playground yourself without knocking your head. Papa or Mama had to guide you along. You were curious and at the same time fearful of playing by yourself because you were afraid of falling.

Those were the times you love to bring your sunglasses out and wear as if you were a super star.

Now that you are bigger, you have outgrown those behaviour. Your motor skills also improved a lot and you can play in the playground without help. You have become more and more independent.

Mommy misses your chubbiness, your weightlessness but I know that it is part of growing up. Eventually, you would grow more and more independent and I wonder whether you would still love Daddy and Mommy the same way as you do now.


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