Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Exploring neighbourhood: Queenstown's Ridout Tea Garden

Many people are familiar with Mc Donald's. How about one that has a playground, a Japanese styled garden a pond with plenty of  terrapins and fishes? Probably in the whole of Singapore, there is only one. If you are there, do look out for the heritage marker to know more of its history. This place was formerly the Queenstown Japanese Garden. The place was burnt to the ground in 1978, fortunately there were no casualties. Do look out for the Commonwealth and Holland Heritage Tour organised by My Queenstown. This tour will be launched soon.

I have been to this Mc Donald's several times with Little One and we simply love to look at the terrapins after our meals. The place is pretty serene with lush greenery. It is a great place for photo-taking. There are bamboos and some pretty plants around too. There is an indoor playground at the back of the Mc Donald's but I seldom see children play in it. 
Ridout Tea Garden

At the side of the fast food restaurant were these brick wall. It look rather old. I wondered whether it is related to the former Japanese Garden then. After attending the launch of  My Community's 3rd tour, Commonwealth and Holland Village heritage tour, I have my answer. Yes, these are the remnants of the former site.

indoor playground

McDonald's @ Ridout Tea Garden, 
Singapore 149066

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To further read about this place, you may want to proceed to this post. The blogger had shared her memories about the Mc Donald's as well as the places near it.


  1. WoW! That's quite a McDonald's !

  2. That's a classy McDonalds - wish they were all like that!
    Thank you for dropping by http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/02/old-san-juan-pigeon-park.html - so glad to see what you share each week. You take great photos!

  3. This is really hard to believe it is a McDonalds. How cool.

  4. Wow I used to come here often as a kid. Good to see that it hasn't changed much. Plus they have a playground!! :)))


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