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Book of the month : Warning: Do Not Open This Book! (E-Book) and how to use Overdrive

Have you heard of myLibrary ID? Although National Library Board (NLB) had launched this platform more than a year ago and that the libraries had been actively promoting the usage of myLibrary ID. I signed up then but only started to use recently to borrow e-books. This post is both review of this book and how to use overdrive to read to enhance your reading experience. So far, I am using PC to read e-books.

myLibrary ID is pretty useful. You can use it for the following:

  • Check Your Account 
    • as in current list of hardcopy books that you have borrowed and information about when to return (note : e-book account is separeted from hardcopy account. See below picture for the e-book account)
  • Access loan history
    • history of your previous loan and when they were returned.
  • Update Profile
  • Place Reservations
  • Borrow books with the new NLB Mobile app (can be downloaded at Apple App Store or Google Play without queuing to borrow the books)
  • Borrow eBooks (it can be normal e-books, read aloud e-books or audio ebooks)
  • Access eResources
  • Access the Multimedia stations at the libraries
  • Receive email alerts:
    • on loans (before due-date, overdue)
    • collection of reserved item
    • payment of lost/damage item
    • expiry of reservation
    • expiry of membership (Premium Plus and Foreign membership types)
e-book account and the different types of e-book
Charlotte's Web is a audio book is represented by a headphone icon (Top left)
e-books with viewable pages are marked with the opened book icon.
Read along books are marked with the words READ ALONG across the book cover (Bottom Right)

In order to enjoy e-books, you have to Singapore National Library member AND have a myLibrary ID. If you do not have a myLibrary ID, you may sign up online or via e-kiosk. If you want to know how to access e-book via mobile, you may want to hop to Cheekiemonkeys. They also have plenty of screenshots on how to access and borrow the e-books. You can login at NLB website to access ebooks via overdrive once you have myLibrary ID.

The first book I borrowed was Warning: Do Not Open This Book!
narrated by Adam Lehrhaupt ; illustrated by Matthew Forsythe.

Little One loves this book and had been asking me to read over and over again. Hence, earning the award for book of the month. From the cover, it is rather interesting to see so many tapes and road signs requesting not to open the book and there is a curious monkey on the cover. That naturally makes people curious to know how a harmless looking monkey triggers the need for a warning. Of course, as a mother, I hope Little One obeys rules and not try to break them. This book is tempting her to do the opposite! I have to remind Little One this is just a book, hence rules could be ignored. When there are real road signs such as those appear on the book, we should obey.  
So, we opened the e-book, True enough, madness and mayhem lies within the book. The more we flip, the more chaotic it becomes. And to stop the madness... the author shared a secret plan. In order for it to work, you have to.... you guess it... flip the page again and close the book! Hahaha... pretty humorous I can tell you.  


    Reading e-book is pretty convenient when you have no time to go to the library. Best of all, you do not have to worry about overdue books. These books will be automatically returned in due time. 
    Overdrive is pretty easy to use too! After opening an e-book on overdrive, just a click on the left of the book, will move the page backwards whereas a tap on the right will move it forward. Alternatively, you may want to tap the middle of the book and a navigation pane that displays the current chapter and location will appear at the bottom of the book. (as per picture above) You can choose to move the pages by swiping the button (A). If you wish to read the overview or tips to use Overdrive, you may click on (B). When there is a need to bookmark the page, you can do so by clicking (C) as indicated at the top right hand corner. Once you have done that, bookmark sign will appear below the navigation pane. All you need to do is to click on the bookmark at the bottom to resume the page you have stopped. If you are reading e-books such as a cookbook with content page, it is possible to click on the chapter and go straight to the page that you are interested in.
    The only complaint I have is that the Chinese collection is only 1/10 the collection of English collection. The minimum level is Grade 2 which is somewhat equivalent to P2 in Singapore. I do hope that there will be more Chinese e-books and simpler ones especially the read along ones so that Little One could read it on her own.
PS: This book is available in hard copy in the libraries.

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I've actually been using the app to read my own books, because it's more convenient than lugging physical books around. I usually borrow the audiobooks for Noah, so you can check those out as well! ;)


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