Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Street Scenes at Jurong Point

If you like to explore Asian Food, Jurong Point is probably your best bet. It has food from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Malaysia. It has everything under 1 roof! I love to look at the street scenes from these places. I particularly love those at Shokutsu Ten.

Mongkok where you can find food from Hong Kong, particularly roasted meat and dim sum. The signage truly reminds me of Hong Kong
Ema @ Shokutsu Ten

Does these signage reminds you of Osaka?

Japanese kites and a flying ninja

This particular ninja gave me a fright

Malaysia Boleh! reminds me of food street in Malaysia
Wishing Ribbon at Korean Strret
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  1. What an interesting place! Some of the decor is rather creepy, isn't it?
    Thanks for sharing at


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