Friday, February 5, 2016

Making a bookmark: Tatting

Mentioned earlier in both my facebook page and blog post, I am into tatting just recently. This is an ancient lace making technique. There are various ways of tatting, just to name some- : finger, needle and shuttle tatting. Above bookmark is made by shuttle tatting.

In the beginning, I struggled with it especially when there is a need to undo a wrong stitch. It can be very frustrating. During that time, it was a struggle and half the time I wanted to give up. I remember the instructor said it can be difficult in the beginning and hence I persisted.

So below is the process.

Making the other part of the bookmark is more challenging, as the 1st half of the bookmark kept getting into the way when I was tatting.

Below are the close up shots of the bookmark.

Right side

When the bookmark is completed, I felt tremendous pride and happiness that I did it!

If you are looking for some instructions on how to tat the bookmark, I am afraid I am going to disappoint you. I am not giving instructions on how to do the bookmark. This is because the design is copyrighted. The second reason being I am still very new to tatting and I think I am not good at giving instructions. I think I have to take numerous pictures when I tat but this is quite impossible since both hands are required in tatting.

Below are some websites for you to learn tatting, should you be interested in the craft.

If you are interested to know how to read tatting patterns , below site is for you.

Don't thank me, I am still in the learning process. I didn't really help much.

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