Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book of the month : JJ's Science Adventure (Heat & Light)

The JJ's Science Adventure series is written by Aurelia Tan and her team, based on Singapore's MOE Science Syllabus. It is written in as an educational comic book which is relatively easy to understand.

Little One was first introduced to JJ's Science adventure last year when we won a book "Magnet" from Mum in the making. This sparks curiosity for Little One to Science as magnets are pretty amazing items for little children like her. The story of JJ had embedded in her mind so much that when she saw the second book, "Heat & Light", she just had to get a copy.

The book "Heat & Light" continues the story from the first book" Magnets". This time the JJ embark in the journey to discover heat and light.

From the book, Little One learns more about shadows and conductors of heat. Of course, there were more but these concepts are easy to grasp as these are closely associated with her daily activities. There is even a DIY to show how to create a bigger or smaller shadow.

On this post, I would share with you what are the activity children can do with light to generate interest in the topic.

Little One loves to play with shadows. Wayang Kulit is a great activity to introduce light. One can move the puppets towards or away from the light source so as to create a bigger or smaller shadows.
Wayang Kulit is one of her favorite show. I would bring her to watch when there is one.
Or you can make your own shadow appear bigger and longer or smaller and shorter when you are near the streetlamp. If you enjoy playing with shadow like Little One, my question to you is do you know to create multiple shadows like the one below?

Playing with shadows

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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