Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chinatown by Day

This year is the year of the Goat/ Sheep / Ram according to Lunar Calendar. This is taken in Asian Civilization Museum
Today's New Year Eve, if you were to go down to Chinatown today, it is very likely to be overwhelmingly crowded. Goodies are likely to be cheaper today as the vendors try to clear stock. There will also be a countdown celebration at Chinatown tonight. 

Below series of photo is taken in Chinatown last week during a weekday. As you can see, there was already quite a crowd forming.

Lanterns with wishes written in Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Traditionally, Chinese love to hang lanterns at the door way. These red lanterns are so awesome!

Firecracker was used  to scare away the ferocious beast, Nian  Hence, the tradition of burning firecrackers during Chinese New Year. However, this practice is banned in Singapore. The firecracker you see here is for decorative purpose with the words 招财进宝 (used to wish for good luck in business) inscripted

Spot the rams!

The God of Fortune
Pussy willow is  one plant that Chinese like to buy during Chinese new year for decoration. It is decorated the same way as Christmas tree. Chinese ornaments will be hanged on the branches.
The other popular plant is Plum Blossom
Chinese ornaments such as these can be hang on the plants. 

Waxed Meat and Chinese sausages. Chinese Sausages only appear on our dining table during Chinese New Year although it is available all year round.

Chinese declaration and well-wishing banner are spotted outside Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple. Similarly, a banner is spotted outside Masjid Jamae Chulia, a Tamil Muslim Mosque. I simply love the racial harmony in Singapore

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