Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nostalgic Lanterns @ River Ang Pow

During Chinese New Year, we love to get down to Marina Bay to view lantern display when we find time. It is usually very hot during the day. Hence usually, we would go after dinner. I guess many people love to view lanterns at night as it is cooler and prettier when the lanterns are lighted up. This year,  the theme for River Ang Pow is SG50 and nostalgia. Below are a series of lanterns in River Ang Pow.

God of Fortune (a must for River Ang Pow)

SG50 Giant Mural Wall

Lantern of Pelican playground
Dragon playground ( The Lights up close)
Lion Dance with Singapore Sling and retro F&N glass bottle

Red Pillar Box which is no longer in use except the one outside Philatelic Museum 

Great Pine Tree with cranes => determination, wealth and power.

Merdeka Bridge and Merdeka Lion. Do you know of its history?
Kampung house , a sight that is not common in modern Singapore

Old Singapore River

The 12 zodiacs on sampan boats. This year is the year of the goat, sheep or ram, hence, featuring mountain goats on this sampan. The rest of the zodiac are further away from one another.

The entrance

Besides this lanterns, there are quite a few others lanterns on display. My personal favorite is the pine tree. There is performance every night, lantern riddles and traditional art and craft to look forward to. 

River Hong Bao (Ang Pow )
The Float @ Marina Bay
20 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039805

On display till 28th Feb 2015
Free admission

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