Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY Bob Hairstyle

Notice something different in Little One's hair?

Little One requested to have her haircut on eve of Chinese New Year. She had requested for a haircut a couple of times prior to this. I had thought she was not serious since she love being Elsa so much. How could it be possible that she wants her hair short? Hence, I had put it off. This time, she requested once again. I warned once again that if her hair is short, it is not possible that she could have plait like Elsa. Again, she nodded her head as per the last few times. I am sure this time she is determined. She even give me instructions how to cut it.
That was exactly how I did it. I tied her hair towards the nape of her neck and slide the elastic one inch below her nape and I snip off her hair from slightly above the elastic band. 
The result was a little lopsided with her right side longer than her left. I did a pretty quick trim but Little One was worried I would cut too short and she would become botak (bold)! 
To pacify her, I had to reassure that I was not cutting too short but she would have to cooperate with me. I also showed her a mirror for her to see her own reflection.
And the below is the end result.

This, I would be keeping as souvenir. The day she entrusted me to cut off her long hair.
Will I be doing this again? Yes, if I have the opportunity again. The next challenge for me, I bet, is to maintain that hair style.

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  1. OMG! That is a big change just before new year! My girl will never bear to do that (she loves Elsa too, haha)! But you did such a great job at cutting and it's a really nice bob! I am quite afraid of cutting my kids hair because it always ends up lopsided. Muahaha. Still, it's too expensive to keep bringing them for haircuts so I guess mums just have to learn everything! Thanks for linking up and happy CNY! =)

    1. Muahaha... my cut was lopsided too! I had to trim it. I was feeling it was a tad bit too late to bring her to the hairdresser (usually crowded during this period of time) as we have to rush her off to reunion dinner.


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