Thursday, February 19, 2015

Reunion Dinner

Happy Lunar New Year! The last day of the Year of the Horse had just passed.

Tonight, I shall be blogging on the most important dinner for the Chinese family- the Reunion Dinner. Reunion dinner is a must for Chinese during Chinese New Year's Eve. It is a time family gets united again despite their busy schedules. It is a get - together meal for the extended family.

Although we often meet our extended family to eat together during weekends lunches, it is much of to carry on the tradition. Traditionally, our family has steamboat for dinner. It is very easy to prepare. Just get all the ingredients (basically prawn, meat, fish, vegetables ,noodles and food that you like. Nothing sour or bitter)  ready and one can easier have a sumptuous dinner.
Getting ready for  Reunion dinner!

Woohoo! Now!
Usually, we would prepare auspicious food item such as prawn which means "having a happy new year", fish and abalone for having abundance in the new year, Noodles for longevity.

Put in the raw meat to cook by using slotted ladle

All the ladles are in the soup

Adding vegetables such as spring onion to wish for cleverness

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  1. Oh my what a feast.
    I do dragon boat paddling and Chinese New year is a great celebration.


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