Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clash of the 'Titans'

Source: National Geographic
I don't know how I should share this. I am still shuddering when I think about it.

It was supposed to be a normal evening, we decided to dine in a neighbourhood coffee shop when suddenly we heard some men ( presuming to be slightly drunk) quarrelling a few tables away from us. They were shouting vulgarity at each others. They even dare each other to a fight. Several men went over to move them away from each other. The shouting 'game' gets louder and louder. I was worried. I had flashback of a night many years ago when I went home late. I had heard shouting then from the coffee shop opposite my block. The next moment, I see one man covered with blood walking towards me! I was in uttered shocked.

With my little kid around, I was felt scarier this time. What if they really fight like the man I saw years ago. Will any one get injured? My hubby says this kind of yelling is quite common in coffee shop, especially when they are drunk. The diners were behaving normally. No one seemed to panic. Still I felt worried. I try to keep my eyes on the 2 men, watching their every move. Suddenly, the two men were fighting against each other! People rushed forward to pull them apart and try to keep them away from each other!

At that point in time, my heart froze. I'm really glad that someone went forward to stop them from hurting each other. However, the 2 men did not leave. They were still hanging around smoking and  drinking their beer. They were still gesturing and shouting at each other. I eyed them.warily. I only felt utterly safe when one of them finally left the place.

Have you been in such situation before? Would you have stayed or left the place? Anyway, we are glad that there's no one seriously hurt tonight.

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