Monday, August 27, 2012

Post note:- Gracious moments

As opposed to the unpleasant, dangerous bus rides I had years ago, today I had a pleasant one.
Nearly arrived at the bus stop, when I saw the very bus we are going to take this morning! I rushed down the ramp to the bus carrying my heavy little girl, I board the bus. Fidgeting to get my ez-link card so as to pay for the fare, the bus driver waited patiently for me to scan the card. As the front seats were all taken up by the elders, we walked towards the back of the bus. Again, the bus driver waited patiently for me to put little one down before he drives off.

I am very grateful that he had showed us some considerations. We had a safe journey and it really make my day.

How about you? Have you.enjoyed your rides today?

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