Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Continuation of Toilet/ Potty training

After the long stretch of holiday, little one's toilet training does not yield a very satisfying result.
I proceed with toilet training after school.

Below are some very interesting  incidents as well as some misfortune. 

Day 1
Little one probably had drank a lot of water. There was an accident. 15 minutes later, she told me that she wanted to pee again. I thought she wanted to play with the potty but she sat down with her pants on because she couldn't pull it down! I tried to get her up telling her to take off her pants but she was 'releasing' her waste. The urine was on the floor as a result. I am very amused and nearly laughed my head off. I simply can't believe she could urine again within such short time frame. At the same time, I am glad she know she needs to pee. But then, hates it because I have to clean up. 

In order to encourage her to pee, I told her I would reward her with stickers for every successful release of human toxin. That works! She peed 3 time with me prompting her to do so.

Day 2
I am now a proud mama. She peed 3 times today with her pants down and had voiced her need to pee. She had now recognised her body cues when she need to use the potty. Although sometimes she said she wanted to poo but it's a pee instead.

Day 3 to 5
It seemed to me that she don't seem to recognise the cue for pooing. I have been getting poops on the floor! She only know that she's pooing when the poos rolled down her pants... ekkks! Bath time...

Day 6
She successfully pooed once into the potty with no prompting at all. We went out this afternoon. Hence, we put on  her diapers for her, just in case, she has accidents. We reminded her that she can request us to take her to the toilet although she has the diapers on. She didn't pee or poo into it. It was only 3 hours later, she released her waste after we were back at home.

We were out in the evening for family visit. This time, she requested to use the toilet several times. Still, she dirtied her diapers twice. Once, she pooed but she only notify after she had done so. The second time was because we thought someone was using the toilet, so we told her she can't use it until it's available again.

Day 7
Little one greeted me with teary eyes this afternoon. :( The teacher told me that she wanted to poo but only pooed once. I thought maybe the little girl is having some constipation, so we left school. Later I got to learnt from the little one that she dread to go to the toilet because she couldn't come down from the toilet. Then the poor girl asked whether she could poo in her diapers because her stomach hurts a lot! I wonder whether she had been with-holding because I have drilled into her so much that she's now a big girl and should go to the toilet. Poor baby looked teary again and was complaining about pains. So I allowed her to do so and it was a lot! This was not the end of story, I realised that she was having diarrhea! I had brought her to the PD and was subscribed some probiotics. I guess toilet training will have to stop temporarily until her diarrhea clears. Sigh!

Type 5 to 7 signifies diarrhea


  1. I've been through the toilet training! :D How old is she? My son started 1 month before turning 3 and took a few months, and my daughter was completely done before 3 years old, being 2nd kid helped as she knew what to expect. Take your time as they learn it eventually. In the US training starts much later, but I was pressured to start early knowing Japanese parents tend to start earlier...and I think I gave too much pressure on my son. And it was my first toilet training and I made a big deal out of it. Now when I look back... I think I was crazy. haha. Good luck! :)

    1. She is 2 years and 9months old. I think she is progressing quite well. Have to keep encouraging her n reminding her that she is going to outgrow her diapers. so she has to learn it. Hahaha...


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