Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crafting :- A Ribbon Fun

Watched the Olympics this year?

We were inspired to make our very own gymnastic ribbon stick!

The easiest way is probably to glue the ribbon directly to the wooden stick. I didn't want to do so because I would like to recycle these materials again if possible after my girl got sick of it. So I make a detachable one. So long she doesn't want to play with it, I can detach the pipe cleaners and everything will be undone.

Below are the materials needed and steps to make it.

Material needed:-

  • Tape
  • 1 wooden stick
  • 1 long pipe cleaner ( I used 2 short ones)
  • 1 long ribbon (satin will be best)
  • scissors


1. Tape the ribbon to the wooden stick

2. Roll the ribbon all the way down the stick

3. Secure the ribbon with the pipe cleaner. Check that the sharp ends of the metal are hidden.
We tried securing with only tapes at both ends initially but after flicking a few times, they always come undone.

 4. Wind the pipe cleaner all the way down and finally tighten at the end of the stick like below.

5. Start waving and flicking your ribbon to make sure it is secure.

Now my gymnastic wannabe is demostrating how you should move the ribbon. She had even lifted on leg up while playing. I was just simply not fast enough to capture the moment. She move super fast you see.

If you child is big enough, you may want to ask them join you in making this simple craft.
This home made toy is not meant for children below 2.5  years old.
Supervision is definitely required when they play with this toy. Be mindful to remind your kids that the sticks are not to be waved near the eyes or other parts of the body.

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