Sunday, September 2, 2012

Indoor activity:- A saltish afternoon

As the first post of September, I have a couple of posts in mind to blog about. Initially, I wanted to start the month by blogging about gifts that we would like to make for this Teachers' Day. However, we received email from the vice principal of the school that they had better plans. They are distributing us a piece of paper and sheet protector to write a note of appreciation. After collecting from the notes from the parents, they would make a collage for the teachers. Hence, the thought of blogging about the gift may be abandoned.

So I put this post instead. Indoor activities for the little one- playing with salt!
Nowadays, we have chosen use sea salt for cooking. As sea salt is more expensive, we choose to buy normal table salt for this project.

Raised salt art piece

Well, I tried to show little one how to write or draw in the salt.

Writing with a chopstick
Apparently, she is not very interested. She is more interested in making handprints in them. I taught her how to do a nice handprint. I put her little hand on the tray and ask her not to move it. Then I would pour salt over her little hand, after which I would brush them off to reveal her hand. Then very carefully, I would lift up her hand up, trying very hard not to disturb the salt around. She tried to do it the same thing, but everytime she tried to remove her hand, she would move so fast that the salt she built all crumble down... LOL.
Writing with finger is apparently better than using the chopstick. PLaying with this reminds her of playing with sand.
Note the thicker strikes as compared to the thinner ones the chopsticks made? 

Teaching her to make hand print. Pick up the salt with your fingers and drop it all onto the hand to be 'printed'

Ta Dah!!! 
Then we did some raised salt painting. The effect was not as great as we thought it would be. The colour is supposed to run through the lines of the salt. But ours runs slightly. Sometimes it didn't even run at all! Probably due to the fact we used finger paint instead of food colouring or water colours. Note: This kind of painting cannot be hanged or displayed on the wall. Some of the salt and glue will somehow fall off after they dry.

 I help her to squeeze the glue She spread the salt and paint the whole thing..
Love the shimmering effect
Then we proceed mixing salt into the finger paint instead. We have some grainy texture after drying .
Grainy painting

We would probably do the salt painting again. As for salt writing, probably it will be later when she has the interest to write.

Be warned, this activities can get quite messy.

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