Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Help for burnt pot.

Have you ever burnt a pot? Tried scrubbing and it doesn't seemed to work, no matter how much time you try to do it?

Recently I got my steamer burnt because there was too little water and I needed it to steam my cake for 45 minutes. Half way through the steaming, I detected a burning smell. And to the shock of my life, the pot was burnt!

Baking soda to the rescue! I covered the the burnt pot with water and added some baking soda. Waited for half an hour while I transfered my cake to the rice cooker to steam and did other household chores.

When I returned to wash the pot, it was effortlessly easy.
Have you tried this way or do you have a better method? Please do share.


  1. I didn't know that baking soda is such a helpful thing! I've burnt the bottom of the pots many times too, mostly because I was multi-tasking (actually pretending to multi-task, I'm so bad at it!). It was Le Creuset pot and there was special solution to clean...and most of it came off. Phew. I should remember baking soda next time!

    1. Yes, baking soda is quite useful. I read about its uses from one of the Mom blogger here. http://themommycafe.net/2012/04/one-item-that-every-household-should.html/
      I have not tried out everything though.


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