Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teachers' Day Gift

Teachers had created imprints in our life, one way or another. Teachers' Day is a day for us the appreciation of Teachers.

Let's sidetrack a little and talk about the one teacher I remembered most was Mr Goh, my primary school teacher. I felt he is a truly great teacher. He taught us Chinese. He makes his lessons interesting. He told us moral stories, teaching us values. I still remember vividly that he mentioned the story of how we should not always expect rewards for good behaviours, it's part of our job to do it. Moral stories like this are not part of our study curriculum but he would ,once in a while, impart such knowledge to us. He also shared his travel experience. Everyone in our class loves his lessons. I truly miss him. My old school no longer exists. I wonder where he is now. I truly wishes him good blessed life.

Back to the little girl's gift for the teachers. As mentioned earlier in the post, A saltish afternoon that little one's school is giving out paper to write notes of appreciation. Feeling a little down under the weather, I welcomed the idea. I think the best way for kid's to express their appreciation is through their artwork. I wrote some lines along the border and get the little one to decorate it with markers and glittering glue.

Decorate with markers

Adding glitter glue
Ta dah!!! Done!
It's a very simple work.
What I enjoyed most is the process of doing it.
I asked little one shall we make a card for teachers? She said yes. Concentrating on her work.
Who do you want to give this to? She replied Teacher H, Teacher S, and C Laoshi.
By the way, Teacher S had already left but my dear little girl still remembers her. It simply shows that children would remember you when you have left imprints on them. This gift is supposed to be secret, I still have the email of Teacher S, I would email to her the photo on Teachers Day itself.

I hereby wishes all teachers and ex-teachers a very Happy Teachers' Day! My teachers ,wherever you are, I wish you great health as well. Thank you for your guidance and patience. You have provided the knowledge and values that I have. I hope to transfer the same to my little one.

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  1. Very Sweet Post of the Day...Dedicated to all teachers..Thanks for sharing..HAPPY TEACHERS DAY

    1. Thank you for your kind comments! =)


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