Friday, September 14, 2012

Indulgence- try Fredo Galaxy

Ever since I learnt to steam cakes, I have been trying out and steaming a lot in the month of August. I have not lay my hands on a single store bought cakes. In fact, most of the cakes I made at home contains less sugar and oil. I have not tried making any creamy toppings or chocolate grazing. Any thing that I consider as fatty, I will opt not to include into my home made cake. In conclusion, I would say, most of the cakes I made are quite bland because I omitted a lot of sugar, but to clarify, those that I chose to post on my blog are sweet enough to my liking and they are nice enough for human consumption.

That day, I walked past one of my favourite bakery Fredo Galaxy. It's one of my favorite pastry store, I couldn't help but went into it. As usual, there is a wonderful display of cakes, pastries, tarts, biscuits. The aroma in it is enough to make you drool! I guess it's quite ok to indulge once in a while these creamy cakes and sugary tarts.

I was looking for my favorite Cinnamon Apple Crumble pie, however, it was not available. The chef here is rather creative. He will be looking into different recipes and experimenting with different flavors. So, I am always amused and intrigued to taste them. I opt for the below two items. Actually, my girl picked these 2. I wanted to try Brandy Cherry cake but it contains liqueur, so I can't buy and eat in the presence of my little one, just in case, she says she wants a taste of it.
Cake and tart from Fredo Galaxy... Drools... cost slightly over $11
Apologies on the look of the fruity tart, the tart was quite heavy and the side of the crust crumbled a little, resulting some of the fruits being dropped onto the table and all over the place.The actual amount of fruit is more than this.

Mango Yogurt de Chocolate Cake
Mango Yogurt de Chocolate cake is a very soft and smooth cake. The level of sweetness is just right. I love the idea of incorporating mango cubes into the cake. It's like having mango yogurt with a touch of jiggling sensation!
Fruity tart
The Fruity tart ( I can't remember the name) is packed with anti-oxidants and goodness. It consist of various fresh fruits such as kiwi, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes and figs. I don't know where they got the fresh figs from. I have never seen any in the supermarket. Does any one knows?

All in all, we enjoyed our tea that afternoon.

Keen to visit Fredo Galaxy? It  is located at Blk 46-3, #01-388 Commonwealth Drive S140463. It doesn't cater for dine in though. If you are interested in dining in, you may want to visit Drips Bakery Cafe @ 82 Tiong Poh Road. The owner told me he would be opening up a bakery at Sunset Way. Do watch out for it. =)

PS: Fredo Galaxy had now moved to Blk 109, Clementi Street 11.

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