Friday, September 28, 2012

Lanterns chasing in Chinatown

Mid autumn festival which falls on the 15th of the eight lunar month is coming this Sunday. It is also known as the moon festival or Mooncake festival. We were off chasing lanterns last weekend. Yes, besides eating moon cake with Chinese tea during mid autumn festival, carrying brightly lit lanterns is also one of the popular activities, especially among kids.

Lanterns at Chinatown Food street 

Traditional lanterns

I know this has nothing to do with Mid Autumn festival but can't help posting it

Sri Mariamman Temple 

Aren't these pretty? Opps! Nothing to do with mid autumn festival again.

These lanterns are actually done by kids!

More lanterns on sale

Off topic

Pamelo on sale!
After going through the photos, I realised I have not taken photos of stalls selling mooncakes! I am probably ogling at them and forget to take pictures!

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