Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chinatown trail

Little one had visited Chinatown for only 2 to 3 times and it is always just before Chinese New Year. It was then packed with people who came to look at the lights decoration and buying last minute goodies for the new year.

Since her school is having a break and I am running out of idea where to bring her to, I decided, why not we take a walk at Chinatown and eat some 'delicacies' there. Probably we could see some historic sites too.

We started from Bukit Pasoh., the Street of Clans. We studied the architecture of the place. Most buildings here maintained the vintage look.
We spotted mordern cum vintage designs @ the Books Cellar

Wall sculpture 

Mosaic tiles

New Majestic Hotel and Majestic Resturant

怡和轩 先贤馆 Ee Hoe Hean Club
preserved historic building, one of the oldest millionaire club

New Building of Pinnacle contrasting against the old shop houses in the foreground

OSO Ristorante- Italian restuarant featuring multi- religion crusine
To Teo Hong Road...
1939 Art Academy provides courses for hairdressing, beauty and spa, nail art and make up courses
Walk along New Bridge Road...
Lantern Decoration for the upcoming Mid autumn festival
To Duxton Plain Park, where we saw a lot of pigeons outside Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple

Little one was very happy and excited. She wanted to catch the pigeons.
Start walking towards the birds
Chasing and chasing around.... finally she said "I don't want the birds to move." which is impossible... heheh...

Some flowering plant we found in the same park. Cannonball Tree
Finally, we had porridge at Tiong Shian Porridge Centre 長城粥品. I have not eaten from this stall for a long time. The porridge taste almost the same, just that the chicken porridge was saltier than expected, probably due to the marination. I don't really like the meat in both porridge, seemed to have lack the taste in it. Probably all the delicacy have gone into the porridge? 

Shredded Chicken Porridge and Pork porridge. Spent $7.
Shophouses in Sago Street

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple And Museum 

Don't this lanterns reminds you of Japanese Temple?

Make shift stalls
We walked to Maxwell Food Centre as I wanted to try the Lao Ban tau huay (Soya Beancurd) 老伴豆花 which many raved about. It is quite sweet, silky and smooth but I do not like the powdery after taste.

Maxwell market
The soy beancurd many raved about S$1.50 for normal beancurd
I wanted to buy Liang Chen Mei Dian's ( 良辰美点) "Lao po Bing" Wife's Biscuit (老婆餅)  but they do not make them any more so in the end I bought the Wife's biscuit from Da Sheng Hong Kong Pastry (大聖) which was just a few stores away. As the freshly made crusty moon cake is quite cheap at $2 each, I bought one to try.
The Pastries from Da Sheng
Back :Wife's Biscuits
Front: Crusty Mooncake
The Wife's Biscuit is not very sweet, some how I still miss Liang Cheng Mei Dian's. I have not eaten this pastry for a long time, so I think it is not appropriate to say that Liang Cheng Mei Dian has better Wife's biscuit than this. I do like pastries that are not very sweet but somehow it just doesn't have the wow factor to make me feel like having more.
On the other hand ,the mooncake has a nice lotus paste fillings with one egg yolk and very crusty skin. I would consider buying it again if I decided to drop by Chinatown again.
Mooncake at $2 each. 
The mid autumn festival is now near, have you bought your mooncakes yet? 

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