Saturday, September 22, 2012

Simple things that makes that little one happy- "Fake' Slippers

My little one loves slippers. One day, she told me she wanted to wear the slippers on her art wall.

Hmmm... Those paper slippers were already glued onto paper, so I could not possibly remove them without damaging them. Also, they are too small for her since those were done 1 year ago. Her feet had grown so much over the 1 year. So , how to avoid her whining over and over again without having to remove the art piece from my art wall?

I decided to make from some boxes which I kept just in case I want to do some cardboard art with her.
This is relatively easy to make.

Just draw her feet onto the cardboard and cut out the strip will do. Glue them on will do.

To beautify it, you may add things to decorate it, example: ribbon and tissue papers. I chose to make flowers from the cardboard and decorate.

She loves them so much that she wears them around the house all the time. It just put smile on her little face. She even wanted to go out shopping in them!


  1. how cute! i tried making these too for poppy but they were incredibly hard to walk around in! your girl is so cute to want to go out in them :)

  2. My little one doesn't seem to have problem walking in them. I think she is too in love with the idea of having her own slippers and she is still wearing them. It looked quite worn now. lol...


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