Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's get crafty:- Paper Flowers

Fancy some beautiful flowers to decorate your home? But does not want the hassle of changing the water every now and then? How about making some simple ones to decorate your home or probably give as gifts? On top of it, you can get the little one to help you out because it is so simple to make.

I remembered doing this craft when I was young. It's actually very simple to make.
All you need is pipe cleaners and square coloured tissue papers. We used 10 pieces of tissue papers. It can be lesser or more than this. The more papers you use, the more petals, the flower has. I have invited my little one to make it. 
She starts by choosing her own colours. I made her count 10 pieces.

She had chosen her colours. Tried to teach her to fold into the shape of a fan. She's not very good at this.

Cut the edge of the flower. You can cut a curved shaped, as stripes or even zigzag. Then, tie the center of the papers with the pipe cleaner to make it looked like ribbon.
Open up the 'petals' carefully and slowly and re-arrange them one by one.
Ta Dahhh... All done.
When it is done, you may want to use it to decorate your home in a vase or give it to someone as a gift.
Arrange as a table top flower

In summary::
Top: Guide to show how to cut in stripes or curve on the edge
Middle: In the end, I cut zig zag instead, tied
Bottom: Make the flower bloom. This is done using 5 piece of tissue paper

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