Monday, September 17, 2012

Everything changes in The House of Robert Timms - Well, almost

Roberts Timms' Flat White is my favorite coffee. They are originated from Australia. If I happened to shop around Borders , I will definitely drop most of the time to have coffee complete with a cake. Well, it had been quite some time that Borders had closed last August. 

Things have changed! I mean the menu had changed. They had exotic flavours including kangaroo and crocodile meat. They even have kids menu! 
We had a hard time choosing our food because there is so many new variety like steaks and exotic food such as crocodile meat and kangaroo meat. 

In the end, Both my hubby and I chose fusion food where the East meets West. I choose to eat the Honey Chicken Mee Rebus and and my hubby The Rendang Kangaroo. 

Whilst Honey Chicken Mee Rebus is refreshing to my palate,  it is not that spicy.  

My husband chose the Kangaroo Rendang, something exotic. I dare not try. He said it is reminds him of beef rendang. It comes with steamed rice, tomatoes and cucumber and a couple of papadum as sides dishes.

There are a total of 7 dishes to choose from the kids meal. Out of which 4 contains fries. Finally, we decided on a healthier choice :- Baked Cheese Macaroni for her. 

It comes with a bowl of salad. Quite a healthy I would say.

Not forgetting to mention my favorite flat white and its lovely coffee art.

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